Blendtec Stealth 895 blender w/ Nitro Blending System

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Directly serving cups to customers with the quietest commercial blender

The Stealth 895 NBS combines durability, power and an innovative feature allowing to directly serve cups to customer, saving time and money. In other terms, it is a subtle, time saving innovation for commercial businesses all over the world!

Stealth Technology ensures a quieter atmosphere
The Stealth 895 NBS includes a sleek soundproof enclosure and proprietary airflow innovations that enables blend recipes to be executed at the sound level of a “normal” conversation.

Jarless blending, the forefront of innovation
Why waste ingredients when you can have perfectly portioned drinks and smoothies blended right in the cup that you serve to your customers? The Nitro Blending System minimizes waste, saves time, and increases your profit margin.

Built to save time and money
All Blendtec blenders were designed for Commercial customers; reliable and built to cope with Intense, high volume requirements.

3.8 peak horsepower

Tactile interface

Fully enclosed, easy-to-clean blending station. Advanced sound enclosure helps blender operate at nearly the sound level of normal conversation.

6 preprogrammed cycles, including two customized for the NBS attachment.

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Varumärke Blendtec
Bredd 218 mm
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