Cancan Juicer Chrome

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Juicer from Can-Can. Easy, efficient and minimal spillage. The heavy duty construction lets you squeeze out all the juice from the citrus with minimal effort. After use, slide the cup placed underneath the press to collect any drippage.

Made of stainless steel, it is designed to retain the fruit pulp, peel and with its inclined bumps it prevents the spongy fruit pulp to absorb its own juice thus providing more yield.

With its large internal volume it can accommodate many sizes of fruits. The distance between upper press and strainer was optimized for efficient squeeze of many kinds of fruits.

Upper Press
With its internal structure the upper press can withstand the significant manual pressure.

Plastic Drip Cup
Swing-out drip cup is provided to collect drips after or in the process of juicing. It can also be used to collect juices from smaller citruses such as lemons and limes.

Rubber Feet
The base of the unit is equipped with rubber feet to maintain the unit intact on countertop as well as protect the countertop surface from scratching.

Mer Information
Bredd 240 mm
Längd 180 mm
Höjd 565 mm


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