Divergence Beverage 410 ml

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Divergence is a concept developed for the first edition of Libbey’s Glassology contest by Belgian designer, Dries Vanlerberghe.

Convinced ergonomics are the key to perfect design, Dries created a glass that feels right in your hand, while honoring one of the great glass forms: the oldfashioned. Why the old-fashioned? Dries loves its ability to combine elegance with robustness, delicacy with tactile presence.

The result was Divergence, a glass with two distinct elements. One the one hand, the physicality and geometric forms of Cubism. On the other, a polished upper-half lifting our eyes to the rim of the glass, just as the Big Apple’s Deco buildings lift our eyes skyward.

It’s a glass that invites you to grasp it and bring it to your lips. Its design might be based on a Divergence of two styles, but fill it with the right drink and everything converges into a truly satisfying sensory experience.

Mer Information
Varumärke Libbey
Serie Divergence
Volym 410 ml
Diameter T 64 x B 94 mm
Höjd 130 mm
Nettovikt 255 g


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