NUDE Remy Savage Coupetini 170 ml

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The first glassware collection from the notoriously creative philosopher-turned-mixologist Rémy Savage – the NUDE Savage collection is a rare treat for cocktail lovers. 

A beautiful exploration of shapes and formulas, the range presents six glasses, all defined by their ultra-simple and rigorously functional aesthetic. 

Crafted from our signature lead-free crystal and specifically shaped to enhance the flavors and aromas of spirits, the minimalist design works equally well in casual and formal settings.

The NUDE Savage Collection features six thoughtfully designed glasses suited to a range of different drinks. Using a series of familiar shapes as a starting point, the NUDE family are joined by the Coupe, Coupetini, Pony, Water Glass, Low and Highball.

The Coupetini - the Coupe’s sister glass - blends the classic martini glass with a modern coupette for both a boulevardier and a daiquiri.

Mer Information
Varumärke NUDE
Serie Remy Savage
Volym 170 ml
Diameter 100 mm
Höjd 166 mm
Nettovikt 134 g


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