Blendtec Chef 775 Blender

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Chef 775
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Powerfully Versatile

The Chef 775 combines versatility with innovative technology to consistently product perfect blends.
Whether you are mixing drinks at the bar or creating new recipes in the back of house, the Chef 775 has the features you need to make each dish a masterpiece.

Smartblend technology helps reduce user error
Our exclusive SmartBlend technology identifies potential problems that could interfere with the blend, including loading errors, then offers solutions.

Blend profiles ensure consistency with each blend 
The Chef 775 can be programmed with Smoothie, Coffee, and Milkshake profiles that provide customized blend cycles for specific drinks.

Build to save time and money  
All Blendtec blenders are built to meet the unique needs of the commercial customer. Each feature— from top to bottom—delivers effortless operation and is designed to reduce overall cost.

3.8 peak horsepower

Illuminated LCD touchscreen display with variable 8-speed slider

Smoothie, Coffee, Milkshake

Small, Medium, Large, Pulse

Recommended daily blends: 100

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Varumärke Blendtec
Bredd 178 mm
Höjd 396 mm
Djup 233 mm
Nettovikt 4,4 kg


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