Blendtec Fourside Jar Vented Lid Red 1893 ml

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Colour code your meals and snacks to avoid any food allergies.

The 4Side jars are available in colour. This creates the advantage to use them in a well-defined and specific context. Safety when it comes to food allergens should always be a priority.

“The FourSide jar’s square shape blends much better than traditional round jars. The jar also generates more friction, heating soups and hot drinks quickly and easily. It’s also especially good for grinding grains and making smaller quantities."

• 4-sided design forces ingredients back into the blade
• Faster speed of service
• No plunger needed to move ingredients around

• Lightweight material for easy lifting and pouring
• 3 corners for simple pouring at multiple angels
• Easy to read jar markings in oz. and ml.
• Total capacity about 2 quarts = 1.8 L = 7,5 cups (metric)

Safe and Strong
• Made from durable Eastman Tritan copolyester
• BPA Free
• Blunt blade makes cleaning safe and simple

• Custom jar graphic available
• Custom jar colours for select models

The FourSide jar effectively harnesses the power of your Blendtec blender

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