Hobstar DOF Rosé 355 ml

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Hobstar, classy, but sturdy

In recent years, Libbey has extended the Hobstar range with new items whose shapes and sizes meet the high demands and exacting preferences of today’s discerning public. Indeed, Libbey have even added new colored items to the range.

The Hobstar design is based on the cut glasses that Libbey produced between 1876 and 1925, the so-called ‘brilliant period of American cut glass’ and fits perfectly with the current fashion for Vintage Chic.

The name ‘Hobstar’ refers to a specific cut glass design dating back to the early years of the 20th Century. During this period, several cut glass crystal items were produced employing this unique Libbey design. And because truly great design endures, despite its long history Libbey’s Hobstar remains as popular as ever today.

All Hobstar glasses are highly functional and versatile, and carry the signature Libbey qualities of strength and distinctive looks. So whether you opt for items that were first produced over a century ago, or more recent additions to the range, the refined but sturdy Hobstar will bring a touch of Vintage timelessness to whatever drink you choose to serve, traditional or modern.

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Varumärke Libbey
Diameter 89 mm
Höjd 103 mm
Nettovikt 455 g


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