Paneled Tumblers

Libbey’s Paneled range adds texture and dimension to any glassware collection.
The tumblers have a timeless, distinct paneling and a slightly nostalgic vibe.
Strengthened with DuraTuff® for a prolonged life and high thermal and mechanical shock resistance.

- Perfect all-purpose glassware; can be used for everything from soda, juice, and water to craft beer or specialty cocktails;
- Raised panel lines ending in arcades on the top;
- Includes 5 tumblers;
- Made lead free;
- Strengthened with Duratuff® treatment;
- Durable and dishwasher safe;

  1. Paneled Jumbo Cooler 710ml
    Specialpris 49,00 kr Vanligt pris 61,00 kr
  2. Paneled Iced Tea 591ml
    Specialpris 46,00 kr Vanligt pris 57,00 kr
  3. Paneled Cooler 473ml
    Specialpris 47,00 kr Vanligt pris 59,00 kr
  4. Paneled Beverage 355ml
    Specialpris 37,00 kr Vanligt pris 46,00 kr
  5. Paneled Juice 266 ml
    Specialpris 29,00 kr Vanligt pris 36,00 kr
  6. Paneled Tumblers Rocks 207 ml
    Specialpris 21,00 kr Vanligt pris 26,00 kr
  7. Paneled Mug 296ml
    Specialpris 57,00 kr Vanligt pris 71,00 kr
  8. Paneled Mug 414 ml
    Specialpris 70,00 kr Vanligt pris 88,00 kr
  9. Paneled Mug 355ml
    Specialpris 56,00 kr Vanligt pris 70,00 kr