Sweet & Sour Concentrate 100 cl

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MONIN Sweet & Sour, also called sour mix, is an essential product for your bar. In traditional bars, it is made by hand by the bartender every day.
In addition to balancing drinks with a sweet and sour taste, MONIN Sweet & Sour also binds all ingredients and adds a little foam to the beverage. MONIN Sweet & Sour is a ready-to-use product made of pure sugar, Sicilian lemons and a little lime juice.
It will allow you to make all your favourite margaritas, daiquiris and hundreds more cocktails with no further setting up. Just pour it, mix it, shake it and enjoy!

Beverage Innovation Director's tips

MONIN Sweet & Sour is a must-have product for most of your favourite classic cocktails, from a refreshing margarita, an upscale daiquiri or a Long island iced tea; you’ll discover many fantastic possibilities to use this particular MONIN product.
Let your guests crave it, while tasting a sour cocktail made from Pisco, bourbon or even amaretto.
From my side I’m truthfully enthusiastic when preparing a green apple martini with MONIN Sweet & Sour. Its delicate mix of lime, Sicilian lemon juice and pure natural sugar make it even more enjoyable.
MONIN as the bar reference made this special version just for you !
Cheers !!!
Mer Information
Ingredienser vatten, socker, syra: citronsyra, koncentrerad lime och citron, naturlig citron - lime smaksättning med andra naturliga aromer, emulgeringsmedel: xantangummi , gummi arabicum, E445, konserveringsmedel: E202. Limejuice : 7%. Försvaras i kylskåp efter öppning.
Näringsvärden Energi: 96 kcal - 403 kJ, fett: 0 g, kolhydrater: 21,0g, varav socker: 21,0g, protein: 0g, salt: 0,02g.
Mängd 100cl
Bredd 80 mm
Längd 80 mm
Höjd 315 mm
Nettovikt 1185 g


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