47 Ronin Bar Set Small

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499,00 kr

With the small Barkonsult 47 Ronin Bar Set you will soon be mixing and shaking cocktails like a pro . A perfect kit for beginners and professional bartenders, this stylishly set is containing a range of professional quality equipment, including a 47 Ronin Tin-Tin Shaker, a 47 Ronin Strainer and a 47 Ronin Jigger 30/60 ml, all in stainless steel. With this set you'll be able to accommodate any shaken cocktail request.

This set includes

47 Ronin Jigger Stainless Steel 30/60 ml

47 Ronin Tin-Tin Shaker Stainless Steel 820 ml

47 Ronin Strainer Stainless Steel

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