47 Ronin Bar Set Large

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With the large Barkonsult 47 Ronin Bar Set you will soon be mixing, shaking and stirring cocktails like a pro . A perfect kit for beginners and professional bartenders, this stylishly set is  containing a range of professional quality equipment, including a 47 Ronin Tin-Tin Shaker , a 47 Ronin Strainer and a 47 Ronin Jigger 30/60 ml, 47 Ronin Bar Spoon Stainless 400 mm, all in stainless steel and a 47 Ronin Hand-Cut Mixing Glass 650 ml. With this set you'll be able to accommodate any shaken or stirred cocktail request.

This set includes

47 Ronin Bar Spoon Stainless Steel 300 mm

47 Ronin Jigger Stainless Steel 30/60 ml

47 Ronin Tin-Tin Shaker Stainless Steel 820 ml

47 Ronin Strainer Stainless Steel

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